Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Three Layered Apple Cake

Food network needs a show like Everyday Baking. And also one where they teach you how to make wedding cakes. As much as I like Ace of Cakes, they need to market more how-to’s. I'd watch it.

Everyday baking’s three layered apple cake is moist and delicious. It’s not a delicate cake- it’s hardy and filling. Anytime you see applesauce, pumpkin, or grated fruit in cake- you know it’s going to be moist, and have great texture. I didn’t try the brown sugar buttercream but I really need to because the sound of that flavor profile would fit perfectly for this cake. And it won’t be gritty because you cook the egg whites and sugar- so actually, it’s a brown sugar swiss meringue buttercream. Oh I need to try it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Blackout Cake

My sister first made this recipe due to her love of coffee. I can affirm this just by looking at our hard copy of the recipe- ingredients splattered on it everywhere. Thankfully for me, it did not taste like coffee, it just gives the chocolate flavor a boost of intensity. The cake is really moist and dense. The pudding is marvelous- perfect chocolate flavor, creamy, and smooth. Both did not taste like they came from a box. These are from scratch and the hard work pays off! Now, the icing was not a favorite. I think the coffee ruined the texture- made it curdle. Just top the cake with more pudding!
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