Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blackberry Lemon Pie

I wanted to make Yusif and Naven this pie but fresh raspberries are a bit pricey at the moment so I went with blackberries instead. 

Which is good because I like to vary recipes if I'm going to make them again just to try something new. Also, I didn't use the pecans in the crust.

To further switch things up, I decided to try a different lemon filling recipe. I made Ina Garten's lemon curd and it came out perfectly. I loved the tart lemon flavor and it was thick and creamy. 

I have to laugh because Maryam heard me muttering about my ingredients. I said something like, "okay, it makes 3 cups of curd." And then she told me, "hey, you should have named your blog that! 3 cups of Kurd!" And then I was like, "no! 1/2 cup of Kurd!"

I previously made this pie with a prepackaged dough. It was good, but I wanted to make my own crust this time so I used this recipe which I have made before. It's normally a good recipe except today I used butter flavored shortening. Mistake. It tastes good in my cobbler dough but it didn't pair well with this pie. So just use regular shortening. 

 Another thing that was a bit off-putting.... I remember the cream cheese whipped cream to be HEAVENLY last time. But when I made it today, it wasn't nearly as good! All I could taste was cool whip and I hate that flavor! I have no idea what happened but I bet whipping your own cream would give a better result!

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