Friday, February 17, 2012

Rolo Pretzel Pecan Chocolate Turtles

Sweet Peggy has brought these to the office and even gave me some for my birthday last month. My sister LOVES them so she bought the stuff and made it herself! They weren’t as good as yours Peggy, because we didn’t take the time to toast the pecans in butter like you do. That really adds extra flavor. We over baked them too, the rolos should be softened but not melted so they can set back up again.

Don't use a dark metal sheet pan, they cook things more. Also, heat the oven to 250 degrees, and cook the chocolate for only about 3 minutes. It should hold its shape when it comes out but then should sink in when you press the pecan into it.

Here's a good way to toast pecans in the oven. Don't over toast! As soon as you smell them, they are done.


Nadijah said...

how hot should the oven be? i think i will stop by the store and make these tonight, iA. and how do you toast pecans in butter?!

Nora said...

Good questions! Updated just for you Nadijah! I hope they turn out great! :D

Lily said...

oooo i used to make these with my mom when i was littler

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