Monday, November 29, 2010

Pumpkin Banana Mousse Tart - Fail

Apparently Ina Garten is either hit or miss. This is not my first failed recipe from her. Google featured this recipe on Thanksgiving in their logo so I was like wow! It has to be good! Just look at the picture! Just read that flavor combo! Pumpkin banana! Yum!

What I didn’t think through was the orange zest. This is a Pumpkin Banana Orange Tart. Actually, this is an ORANGE Pumpkin slightly banana tart. Which doesn’t sound too bad, right? It could work. It could be the ultimate flavor combination! Starring pumpkin, costarring banana and a hint of orange freshness.

It tasted weird. The orange was BITTER and overwhelmed everything. The tart never really firmed up either. It wasn’t goopy but I would have liked it to be set up more.  Even after a day of chilling, it did not- so it still tasted like a raw batter to me.

I could try it again without the orange, but I think that flavor will just haunt me. I’ll still taste it. Let’s just move on.  

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