Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Ultimate Cheesecake

I love Tyler Florence because he makes the most mouth-watering food on food network and he doesn’t give me that fake TV personality. I did call this cheesecake the ultimate for a few years. But now it just depends on my mood. This one is different from a Hershey’s or Junior’s cheesecake. Hershey’s seems to be my favorite right now because it has a great texture- creamy but with a medium denseness and more emphasis on the cream cheese flavor. Junior’s is a classic new york style cheesecake that's alittle more dry. Still rich in flavor, but more crumbly.  This Ultimate Cheesecake is like a combination between the two. It has a rich flavor but is still light and creamy. It’s the sour cream and lemon zest that make this cake refreshing, but if you’d like, you could serve it with a fruit pie filling on top for extra sweetness.  

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